Fixed axis CNC rotary tables

DCN Electronic Dividing Heads


Version in A and C. Others on request.
Steel plate, mounted on high load capacity radial and axial precision bearings.
Base of stabilized grey cast iron.
Main spindle of hardened and ground steel.
Hardened and ground steel worm, mounted in combined radial-axial bearings of high accuracy.
Bronze aluminium worm wheel of high quality and durability.
Indexing and drive system through a worm and worm wheel, operating in an oil bath.
Motor and internal parts of the table are protected from coolant with seals and "O" rings.
Spindle angle measured by rotating encoder mounted on the end of the worm wheel or on the spindle shaft.
Depending on the required accuracy.
Take up of backlash between the worm shaft and worm wheel through the axial movement of the worm shaft, maintaining an exact positioning (DUPLEX System).

Spindle locking system through a powerful braking ring acting directly on the spindle, hydraulically actuated by hydro-pneumatic system with variable pressure adjustment incorporated in the dividing head itself or through a separate hydraulic pressure supply.